Anchor Windlasses

Zincir Irgatları kapak - Anchor Windlasses

How to choose a chain?

There are several criteria to consider when choosing a chain lure. According to the class rules, an equipment number (EN) account must be made considering the boat height and the wind area of the boat. The appropriate chain size and anchor weight are selected from the EN tables according to the calculated equipment number. Once the required chain dimension has been determined from the EN table, the appropriate winder can be selected from the following CHAIN RANGE CHART TABLE and from the chain catalog.

If the equipment number is unclear and the chain to be used is not specified, you can use the following table showing the horizontal and vertical windlasses which may be suitable for the vessel size.

Before you choose the right one, you need to decide which type is suitable for your vessel; Horizontal or vertical? Hydraulic or electric?